TREAT U participation in the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2013

A novel targeted triggered release nanoparticle against cancer cells of diverse histological origin Authors: Vera Moura (a), Manuela Lacerda (d), Paulo Figueiredo (d), Maria L. Corvo (e), Maria E. M. Cruz (e), Raquel Soares (f), Maria C. Pedroso de Lima (b,g), Sérgio Simões (a,b,c), João N. … Continue reading

PEGASEMP™ – Nanoparticle patented in USA, in the media

The USA granted a patent to a new generation nanoparticle for the breast cancer treatment developed by a team of researchers from the Centre for Neuroscience and cell biology (CNC) and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra. … Continue reading

Fighting Breast Cancer: a new generation of nanoparticles developed at the University of Coimbra was patented in the U.S.

A Patent has just been granted in the United States (U.S.) for a new generation of nanoparticles for the treatment of breast cancer which prevents the side effects associated with chemotherapy and also increases efficacy of therapy. This nanoparticle was … Continue reading

Research work distinguished by the Portuguese Society of Senology

The research work led by João Nuno Moreira on breast cancer, was honored by the Portuguese Society of Senology, in the 2012 National Congress of Senology. Tweet