Maksen chooses top 5 companies with greatest potential for innovation

Maksen, an innovation specialized consultant, selected TREAT U as one of the top 5 companies (from a total of 45 ideas presented in “The Next Big Idea”) with the greatest potential for innovation and with economic, social and ambient impact, … Continue reading

The Next Big Idea

The “The Next Big Idea” is a television program which intends to provide the public with the most innovative ideas made in Portugal, where the actors are the inventors: professors, students, entrepreneurs. Where? In companies, in the community, schools and … Continue reading

We dream with a new therapy for cancer

A Pharmaceutical from Coimbra has made a strong investment in the generic market and exports 70% of its products. But research is also one of its goals. Through generics, we intend to reach innovative medicines”, says Paulo Barradas Rebelo. This … Continue reading

TREAT U on the way for internationalization

TREAT U is one of five technological Portuguese companies that were chosen by the “Residence Entrepreneurship” pilot project, from Carnegie Mellon University. TREAT U is dedicated to the development of targeted nanotechnology-based platforms for the specific delivery of drugs (either … Continue reading