Portugal Ventures, via the Call for Entrepreneurship programmes, invests in twelve promising start-ups


Sept. 12, 2013, 9:14 p.m. EDT

Portugal Ventures invests in new tech-based start-ups

TREAT U  is dedicated to the development of targeted nanotechnology-based platforms for the specific delivery of drugs in the Oncology area. The first product of the company, PEGASEMP™, is a proprietary platform with the ability to target simultaneously cancer cells and the blood vessels that nurture the tumor. “Our products will improve patients’ health by increasing therapeutic efficacy and reducing the incidence of adverse effects, hence, reducing treatment costs for the healthcare system. The participation of Portugal Ventures and Bluepharma in this project is a strong statement that science and innovation are progressing side-by-side in our country, aiming at launching an entirely portuguese product in the worldwide Healthcare market,” says Vera Moura, CEO of TREAT U. PEGASEMP has two patents granted in the USA and one pending in Europe, and will enter clinical trials for breast cancer in 2 years.

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