The history

TREAT U is a spin-off from the University of Coimbra, founded in January 2010. The founder partners, entrepreneurs and scientists with a vast experience in the fields of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology, obtained their PhD degrees in Universities and Research Centers of excellence.

TREAT U is focused on product differentiation and specialized R&D. The company relies on organization, innovation and human resources development.

We are part of the innovation network at the National Scientific and Technological System, since TREAT U is connected to the Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology from the University of Coimbra and Biocant Park, as well as to Bluepharma – Pharmaceutical Industry, S.A.. We have, therefore, a solid scientific and technologic background and an extensive networking and thorough knowledge of the market.

TREAT U, today, is establishing synergies with national and international partners, facing the global market needs in Oncology.