The mission

The mission of TREAT U is to improve patients’ health by increasing therapeutic efficacy and reducing the incidence of adverse side effects, hence, reducing treatment costs for healthcare systems.

TREAT U is dedicated to the development of targeted nanotechnology-based platforms for the specific delivery of drugs (either small drugs or siRNA) with technological advantages that outrun different products commercially available or in clinical trials, namely in the Oncology area. TREAT U’s platforms are an appealing technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry (costumer) for the reason that brings value to patients, physicians and the healthcare system (end-users).

The market strategy of TREAT U is to out-license proprietary technology to Pharmaceutical companies, as soon as Phase I or Phase II clinical testing is concluded. TREAT U has gathered a team with competencies on the design and development of nanotechnology-based platforms, pharmacology, drug development, clinical trials and business development, thus addressing the different needs requested within the medicines value chain.